I am going to explain how to configure Windows 10 and Miniconda to work with Notebooks using WSL2. We are going to see how to: Install and configure a WSL2; Install and configure Windows Terminal; Install Miniconda and common libraries; Launch Jupyter Lab/Notebook; Install GUI and Remote Desktop to WSL2 to lunch GUI required like Spyder or. In 2019 they announced WSL2, which would no longer be interpreted, it would have the entire native Linux kernel and would be running on Windows at full performance. WSL2 was recently released for all Windows 10 2004 version users. It seems that having everything I needed is now becoming a reality. It's not perfect, that's for sure, but it. The Windows Substem for Linux allows you to run a GNU/Linux environment on your Windows 10 system. May 2019 Microsoft made WSL2 available, a vast improvement on WSL1 because they now provide a full Linux kernel. WSL2 has been GA since the 2004 update of Windows 10 in May 2020. This blog post is the result of my troubles in upgrading from WSL1. Microsoft WSL2 kernel modifications. If you want to dig into: for now it seems all to be HyperV related. I maybe wrong since I haven't reviewed the code itself. It's based on the next 5.4.x kernel - probably since Ubuntu Focal also has 5.4 on LTS.

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